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Best Bread Recipes for Breads to Serve with Pride

loaf of sliced bread Home bread bakers will find bread recipes of all descriptions. This web site contains recipes for yeast breads made by hand, yeast breads made in the bread machine, sweet breads, quickbreads, rolls, croissants, ethnic breads, and specialty items such as bread pudding, croissants, donuts and sourdough.

A fragrant, steaming loaf of newly baked bread is truly a treat for all of the senses. Think of it. The aroma spreading throughout your home. The sight of beautifully browned loaves cooling on racks in your kitchen. The bread warm and tender to the touch as you cut thick slices that you'll slather with butter or other topping. The satisfying taste on your tongue as you bite into your first slice . And the appreciative murmurings of your family and guests as they sing your praises.

There's something about baking our own bread that satisfies our soul. No wonder they call it the staff of life. Enjoy.

Now, pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back, and get ready to explore this site's best bread recipes.

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