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These breads do not require a rising time, as does bread made with yeast. Recipe quick bread calls for a fast (chemical) leavening agent such as baking powder, baking soda or beaten egg whites.

Quick breads include such mouth watering goodies as Irish soda bread, popovers, muffins, biscuits, bannock, scones, cornbread, and others. Quickbreads are fast and simple to make, and oh, so good!

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Banana Nut Bread Recipe: One of the three recipes on this page is a recipe quick bread. The other two call for yeast dough.

Recipe for Irish Soda Bread: This recipe quick bread is an all-time favorite of mine. Served toasted with eggs or plain with soup or in a sandwich. It's delicious either way.

Another recipe for Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread with Fresh Herbs

Five Grain Soda Bread
Fast, easy and healthy.

Another Recipe Quick Bread: Mom's Big Book of Baking: 200 Simple, Foolproof Recipes for Delicious Family Treats to Get You Through Every Birthday Party, Class Picnic, Potluck, Bake Sale, Holiday, and More.

Quick Bread Recipes Sweetened with Splenda

Quick Bread Recipes for Zucchini Bread and Zucchini Chocolate Bread

More Zucchini Bread Recipes Parmesan zucchini bread and pineapple zucchini bread.

Basic Beer Bread: One of the beer bread recipes is a recipe quick bread.

Three recipes for Pumpkin Quick Bread

Pumpkin Bread with Apple Cider

Vegan Banana Bread Recipe Tasty, healthy and cruelty-free

Rhurbarb Bread Recipe

Banana Blueberry Quick Bread

Strawberry Quick Bread

Yeast Free Bread: Quick Brown Bread

Steamed Boston Brown Bread

Boston Breakfast Bread with Date and Nuts

Sweet Cinnamon Biscuits

Christmas Stollen

Raspberry Chocolate Bread Recipe

Banana Flax Seed Bread Recipe

Pumpkin Cranberry Bread Recipe

Applesauce Loaf Bread Recipe

Red River Pumpernickel Bread /a>

St. Patrick's Day Soda Bread Recipe

Whiskey Soda Bread

Buttermilk Soda Bread Recipe

Crunchy Banana Bread Recipe

Blueberry Breakfast Bread Recipe

Whole Wheat Zucchini Quick Bread Recipe

Multigrain Quickbread Recipe

Fruity Whole Wheat Scones Recipe

Nutty Roqa Biscuits Recipe

Cheddar Soda Bread Recipe

Holiday Eggnog Loaf Recipe Rich and flavorful with orange and dried cranberries.

Avocado Bread Recipe

Peach Bread Recipe

Cherry Cornbread Recipe Great for picnics and dining outdoors.

Orange Loaf Recipe. It's like your grandma used to make.

Apple Thyme Quick Bread Recipe

Cinnamon Quick Bread Recipe

Cheddar Quick Bread Recipe

Cheese Chive Scones Recipe

Lemon and Blueberry Loaf Recipe

Herb and Seed Bread Recipe

Multi Grain Bread Recipe

Cheddar Chive Cornbread Recipe

Easy Pumpernickel Bread Recipe

New England Brown Bread

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