The Necessary Information To Wooden Floor

Wood floor can reach the ideal observe in just about any style of house – it looks natural, hot and rustic in a country cottage and, in a modern placing, it can put structure and build an organic feel. Moreover, in equally modern and time homes, the many vinyl and laminated versions is an outstanding and practical choice.

Wooden floor is below continuous technical development; the most recent stages have tough, long-lasting completes and are straightforward to install. There’s you should not be worried about gaps between boards; the click-and-lock methods suggest the task can be treated by an experienced DIY-er, while most suppliers will also offer an installation service.

All types of wooden floor can be set around virtually any sub-floor, including floorboards, cement, previous tiles or perhaps a boarded surface, provided that the outer lining is sound, dried and flat. Reclaimed timber floor, however, is just a slightly various proposition because it will not be neatly reduce to measurement and it is also hard to choose what it can look like after this has been finished. Take assistance from the provider on what much to buy and which end to decide on, and always make sure that you have acquired enough – it is likely to be tiresome to monitor down related boards elsewhere. Additionally it is worth trying out cleaning and/or completes on a spare table before installation.

As it is a built-in the main space and shade system, you must pick your timber floor in the beginning of the redecoration or refurbishment project. In accordance with how gentle or dark a floor is, it can influence how color and paper colours appear. However some timber floor, such as for instance parquet, stable wood and reclaimed boards, can be dim or lightened by sanding down and re-varnishing, it’s not really a work you will probably want to do really often.

Kinds of Wood Floor

Solid Timber

Made from the named timbers, they are stable entirely through. Some forms are suited to installation since the structural floor without wanting a sub-floor underneath.

Reclaimed Wood

That can be purchased as bundles of panels, boards or panels from reclamation and salvage meters, or as whole surfaces from timber-flooring specialists. Prior to installation reclaimed timber floor can look really uninspiring. When it’s set, however, it can look incredible.

Multi-Layered or Manufactured

A plywood or veneered base, accumulated with a few levels of criss-crossed difficult or softwood boards, and topped with a layer of the named timber. The construction of the floor offers it strength and security, therefore it’s a good alternative to solid-wood flooring.


Created by making an image of timber on a layer of plastic, which can be laminated to a table backing. Top-quality versions have convincing textured completes, and are hardwearing and tough. Inexpensive DIY-store versions may possibly search flat and lifeless, and the “timber” end may possibly flake or chip at the ends of the boards.


Plastic floor is commonly for sale in timber patterns. Luxury sheet vinyl could be a good option in the kitchen or toilet, and is significantly cheaper than stable wood. Plastic plank or block floor feels harder underfoot but, as each floor is independently designed, it always must be appropriately laid.


o Wood floor can be noisy, specially in upstairs areas; use mats to deaden the sound of footsteps in busy places, and always utilize the padding recommended by the installers.

o Reclaimed timber floor is usually well-worn and is tough enough for some residing places, while you must avoid bathrooms and kitchens.

o Solid or manufactured timber floor is suited to residing areas, eating areas, halls and bedrooms.

o Laminates are suited to residing places and rooms but avoid areas with water, as seepage involving the joins may cause panels to swell or discolour.

o Plastic look-alikes are good possibilities for bathrooms and kitchens, conservatories and power areas, in addition to for major residing areas.

Types and Qualities

Wood floor comes as panels (also referred to as boards), all of which may be composed of numerous strips. A plank with a three-strip design has three thin strips running the size of the plank. The floor can have a random reel pattern when laid. Panels may vary thick, each depth being more suited to specific bases. For instance, the thickest panels, at about 22 mm, can be set around joists as structural floorboards, while leaner panels, at about 7 mm to 15 mm thick are set as overlay surfaces onto a preexisting smooth, dried sub-floor.

The surface end of timber floor can be given a grading. Premium or pick degrees are smooth, standard and knot-free. Going down the range, degrees referred to as “natural” or “rustic” are less standard and, in many cases, more realistic and appealing. Just order your floor when you have seen a sample of the actual plank – reel, shade, grade and finish.

Wooden Surfaces and the Environment

Wood floor is usually acknowledged to be ecologically sound, providing it is made applying timber from sustainable forests. Trustworthy stores is only going to cope with suppliers who use timber from authorized sources. In the UK, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) system is commonly acknowledged and involves a professional string that paths timber through every period, from forest to retailer. For further details, visit or contact (01686) 413916.


There’s currently a move far from thin, soft woods, towards richer timber and reclaimed flooring. Walnut is just a perennial favorite, probably because middle-range shade choices, and the fact it blends with practically any shade system or style.

Extra-wide boards and panels (up to 76 cm wide in some cases) are becoming favourites also, many with distressed completes such as for instance “used” effects. For laminate floor, pick patterns with V-grooves across the long and small ends of the boards, and with textured materials, which search a lot more realistic than absolutely smooth surfaces.

Endurance and Preservation

Solid-hardwood floor is amazingly hard-wearing, and lasts for many years. It may be sanded down and resurfaced every five to eight years. Manufactured floor may normally resist 1 or 2 sandings, but only that. True timber floor may era gracefully, and the signals of wear and tear are a satisfactory feature – as timber furniture ages and sees the occasional reduction or level, therefore may timber flooring. Laminate floor can’t be sanded when chipped, broken or damaged, while the very best quality types are very hardwearing and scratch resilient in the very first place.

Save yourself timber surfaces from getting damaged by determination, dust and dust by regularly significant with a smooth brush or vacuuming them. Also clean a floor after a week or so with a well-wrung mop. A soap can be included with the water, depending on whether a floor has a difficult (varnished or lacquered) or smooth (waxed or oiled) finish. Difficult completes provide a protective buffer for the timber, and give you a advanced level of defense, but tend to be more hard to repair if damaged.

A critical scratch or reduction in a lacquered end usually indicates the complete floor must be sanded right back and then relacquered or revarnished. Waxed or oiled completes are smoother, and defend the outer lining by wreckage in to the timber itself. They are most successful if you wish to feed an old, worn search for your wooden floor. If waxed or oiled woods get broken, the complete florr will not have to be redone, because it is possible to sand right back and re-wax or re-oil an separated area.

Plastic wood-look floor is simple to clean; normal significant and mopping is all it takes, and scrape scars can be eliminated through the use of a little white nature utilizing a smooth cloth.

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